National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

National Conference For Catechetical Leadership

Dedicated to quality catechetical leadership that brings the teaching ministry of Jesus to every Catholic child, youth and adult.

The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) has been a leader in Catholic religious education in the United States since 1967. It is dedicated to bringing the teaching ministry of Jesus to every Catholic child, youth and adult.

NCCL grew out of the early Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) movement in this country, with roots going back to 1934. Its members represent the full spectrum of catechetical leadership: bishops, pastors, diocesan and parish directors of religious education, academics and publishers of catechetical materials. Today, it is the only independent national organization exclusively dedicated to serving the church's catechetical mission in the United States.

More than 90% of all dioceses/eparchies are members of NCCL, along with nine diocesan/provincial associations of parish catechetical leaders and Catholic publishing houses.

Mission Statement

We, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, formed as an organization of diocesan, parish, academic, publishing, and other personnel in catechesis and evangelization, strive to enrich and strengthen the ministries of evangelization and lifelong catechesis throughout the Catholic dioceses of the United States, and seek to serve the Church by:
  • Promoting the Church’s ministries of evangelization and catechesis in accord with the vision of Scripture, the wisdom of the Church, the expertise of our members, and the needs of the people we serve in our continually changing world;
  • Collaborating with the bishops of the United States, international, national, regional and local organizations, other leaders who relate to catechetical ministers, and one another in the development of the ministries of evangelization, catechesis, religious education, and faith formation;
  • Nurturing the continual spiritual, professional, and personal development of leaders in religious education, catechesis, and evangelization in the Church;
  • Gathering with one another at the national, regional, provincial, and diocesan levels to challenge our vision, foster our unity, strengthen our ministry, grow in faith, deepen our spiritual life, increase our understanding and broaden our perspective for catechesis and evangelization in the Church.

Important Opportunities With Upcoming Deadlines


  • February 15 - Annual Conference Rapid Resources Applications - Some slots still available!  Send your application as soon as possible.
  • February 25 - Carl and Janaan Manteracht Scholarship 
  • February 25 - Joanne Chafe Memorial Canadian Scholarship
  • February 25 -Lee Nagel Memorial Scholarship
  • February 25 -Sister Maria de la Cruz Ayme Scholarship
  • February 25 - New Professional Catechetical Minister Scholarship
  • February 25- Young Adult in Ministry Scholarship 
  • February 28 - Annual Conference 2015 White Papers  Ministerial Applications of Evangelii Gaudium for the Domestic Church - Please share your insights by submitting a White Paper.


  • March 1: New Wineskins Awards Applications
  • March 6: DDRE Scholarship
  • March 15: PCL Scholarship

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